For a lot of tranquility in a small space, Roost introduced trailing plants and petite lawn, and topped the fence with a vine arbor. The water feature made with a large ceramic pot gives off ambient sound and provides water for birds.

A simple pergola drenched in hops makes this small back yard appear larger.

The structure, hardscape and foliage create layers for the eye, giving the illusion

of more to explore.


This project used a change of scale, structures and hardscape to offset the squat symmetry of a '40s-era 'warbox.' Within a few seasons, Stipa gigantea, Nasella tenuissima and Miscanthus grasses soften the view and oregano hugs the curves. Perennials include globe thistle, Berberis 'Rose Glow,' Crocosmia 'Lucifer' and Coggygria 'Golden Sprit.'

Even simple changes make a big difference. This home came with fried turf and sheared baby hedges. Roost reduced and shaped the turf, adding a mix of easy-care shrubs for movement and color. 'Schipka' laurel on the east edge will grow to provide privacy, and the new beds create a welcoming front.